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The Village of Briercrest

Box 25
Briercrest, SK

Phone: 1-306-799-2066
Fax: 1-306-799-2067


First Responders

Tere are currently five fully trained and certified first responders available to handle Emergency Medical and Trauma incidents.

Based in the Village

Cathy Beitel (Our Fearless Leader)

Based in the surrounding area

Georgina Gadd
Teri Maier
Gail Brownlee


Please note that we cannot be called out by a phone call from a community member. We can only be dispatched by the 911 EMS operator! We are licensed through the Saskatchewan College of Paramedics and only EMS can call us to respond to a trauma or medical emergency!

We care about members of our community, but if we lose our licences and insurance by responding to your personal call, then the community will have NO first responder service, which puts all of us at risk!

So, please, call 911 first, it won't take any longer for us to respond and the Hospital Emergency Department has certain Heart and Stroke protocols that can be invoked only through 911. These include fast tracking through emergency and making CT Scans etc available immediately.

Thank you for helping your First Responders.